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RADAR Key UK: Access 10,000+ disabled toilets across the UK

RADAR Keys allow disabled people and their carers to access disabled toilets in the UK.

What is a RADAR Key for toilets?

The RADAR Key grants access to over 10,000 locked disabled toilets throughout the UK. These keys are used by approximately 400 local authorities.​ The RADAR Key Scheme helps prevent vandalism and misuse of disabled toilets, while also making them easily accessible to those who require them.

The key costs £5.75 for National Disability Card holders (Zero VAT) and £6.90 for National Carers Card holders (inc. VAT).

Our RADAR Key for disabled toilets:

RADAR Key, your disability key for toilets across the UK.

Our RADAR Keys are available to

  • New Card holders - You can order your key at the end of the application form (please note we will only send your key if your application is successful; otherwise you will receive a full refund)

Our keys are exclusively for cardholders; this helps protects the integrity of the scheme and keeps disabled toilets available for only those who need them.

​What else can a RADAR Key be used for?

  • Changing Places are accessible toilets with additional features such as extra space, an adult changing bench, and a hoist. Typically, Changing Places require a RADAR key for access, although some may require special arrangements with the venue to access them.

  • Accessible Countryside Gates: some accessible countryside gates require a RADAR key for access. They often feature an "H" frame with a rectangular enclosure for use by mobility scooters and wheelchair users.

What is the etiquette for using a RADAR Key?

Avoid any potential embarrassment by checking first that nobody is already in the accessible toilet. Even though accessible toilets usually lock from the inside, sometimes people forget to lock the door, meaning it can still be opened by the RADAR Key.

It's important not to judge whether a person should or shouldn't use a disabled toilet, as not all disabilities are visible to others. A variety of conditions and issues may necessitate the use of a RADAR key. Using a disabled toilet without a legitimate reason may prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing the facilities they need, potentially causing discomfort, distress, or embarrassment. This is why we only offer RADAR Keys to our cardholders.

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