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The Disability ID Lanyard

Only available to National Disability Card cardholders

It is now more important than ever to be able to show you have a disability and with the new DisabilityID Lanyard you can make sure you stand out. A perfect choice for National Disability Card cardholders. Unlike other lanyards that anyone can just buy the DisabilityID Lanyard is only available to National Disability Card cardholders. This protects the scheme from abuse and insures the integrity of the message being conveyed.

If you would like a lanyard please tick the Carers Lanyard box at the end of the application form when applying for a National Carers Card. The lanyard and rigid card holder costs £5.

What's on the Invisible Disability Lanyard?


I don't have a National Disability Card can I still have a lanyard?

No. These lanyards are exclusively for National Disability Card cardholders.

I am already a National Disability Card cardholder can I have a lanyard?

Yes of course please apply here.

haven't applied yet for a National Disability Card can I order a lanyard at the same time?

Yes of course please apply here for a National Disability Card and select the lanyard you require at the end of the application form. Remember lanyards will only be sent if your application is successful otherwise you will receive a full refund.

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